Rgenix is a privately-held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs that target key pathways in cancer progression.

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Our Science

Inspirna’s novel target discovery platform, RNA-DRIVEr™, reveals novel drug targets for small molecule and biologic therapeutics

We apply our RNA-DRIVEr™ platform to discover a clinically validated (but historically difficult to identify) class of cancer drug targets known as RNA dysregulated drivers.​

RNA dysregulation induces aberrant protein expression of clinically relevant cancer targets, including PD-L1, VEGF, and BCL2, which can be counteracted at the protein level by small molecules and biologics. ​

The predominant mediator of RNA dysregulation in cancer are microRNA, which are small non-coding RNA that suppress protein expression by inhibiting messenger RNA (mRNA) stability and protein translation.​

Although they function as key drivers of cancer, novel RNA dysregulated targets have been difficult to prospectively identify (unlike most DNA drivers), as current approaches, such as DNA sequencing, gene expression analysis, and proteomics are unable to reliably identify novel bona fide RNA dysregulated drivers.​

RNA-DRIVEr™ is a clinically validated oncology discovery platform

RNA-DRIVEr™ (RNA dysregulated Drug Target In Vivo Elucidation) is the first clinically validated platform for the discovery of actionable RNA dysregulated targets in solid tumors.​

RNA-DRIVEr™ represents a systems biology discovery approach that utilizes technology enabling tracking of the tumor mRNA/microRNA transcriptome coupled with relevant modeling of in vivo cancer progression aided by computational biology of multi-omics datasets to reveal bona fide actionable RNA dysregulated protein targets in virtually any solid tumor type.​

Our platform has been clinically validated by the generation of first-in-class drug candidates that have demonstrated clinical antitumor activity against novel targets discovered by RNA-DRIVEr™.