Rgenix is a privately-held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drugs that target key pathways in cancer progression.

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Developing new cancer therapies and improving the quality of patients’ lives is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to create effective new therapies that provide meaningful benefit to patients with cancer.

Actively Recruiting Patients

Clinical trials are an essential part of discovering new cancer therapies and making them available to those in need. We are actively seeking patient volunteers for the following clinical trials:

Clinical Trial

Ompenaclid (RGX-202)

This study is designed to evaluate ompenaclid (RGX-202) in combination with standard-of-care therapy. Patients diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer may be able to participate in our clinical trial.

Clinical Trial

Abequolixron (RGX-104)

This study is designed to evaluate RGX-104 in combination with other agents, including standard-of-care therapy. Patients diagnosed with advanced NSCLC or Endometrial Cancer may be able to participate in our clinical trial.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Endometrial Cancer

About Ompenaclid (RGX-202)

About Abequolixron (RGX-104)

Ompenaclid (RGX-202) is an oral small molecule inhibitor of SLC6A8 that induces apoptosis (cell death) of colorectal cancer cells

RGX-104 is an oral small molecule activator of LXR/APOE that inhibits the growth of tumor blood vessels (angiogenesis) and activates tumor myeloid cells to enhance the immune response against tumors.